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The series began in 1952 Wayfarer perhaps born ready for the influx of people, after half a century of grinding, the influx of people still stubbornly persists, even a lot of influx of people volunteer for its graffiti, cartoons, and even art of making movies help Wayfarer promotion, charm so far, who can not hold up.Whether Ray-Ban never hide itself or its relaxed advertising, Ray-Ban always give people a pleasant and relaxed, but at the same time enjoy, do fake ray bans remember whether classical or fashion, even better integration Do I remember Ray-Ban is actually a pair of glasses, a pair of glasses you bring comfort to the good glasses. Ray-Ban is too much imitation goods too much, but also from the trash to high-level imitation, everything, the price of tens of dollars are also big mouth to say what version, in fact, have nothing to sell imitation, Some customers still needed, but do not need to cheat customers. Ray-Ban is the first American company Bausch & Lomb United States Air Force developed a JunYong glasses, later changed to civilian, very popular in the United States, almost every American man, there will be a pair of Ray-Ban, the classic Ray-Ban, the same style, Not only popular favorite stars, but also very respected by the public, although its first honorary sunglasses brand, but the price has not been the most expensive. B-15 high-contrast brown lenses (b for brown): the use of technology to filter JunYong variegated, with high clarity, comfort and protection.

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Because such lenses block most Blu-ray, and therefore extremely suitable for driving, extreme sports fake ray ban and various other daily activities. Polarized lenses (P for Polarized): the use of high-quality crystal or plastic, can prevent almost 100% of polarized light waves; higher radiation ratio: 100% protection is not higher than any radiation 400nm; the lower light transmission: only 15% of visible light entering the eye; the protective effect of reflected glare of up to 100%; height buy ray bans of protection have potentially harmful blue light. Durability industry standards developed by Ray-Ban, subjected to the ball drop test: The diameter of 5/8 inch steel ball from a height 50 inches fell on the lens, which makes even fake ray ban sunglasses the most thin optical glass can withstand shocks; a plastic lens having a natural impact resistance, and crystal fairly even stronger. Also covered with anti-reflection coating, to achieve the best protective effect. p3 and p3plus lens is the most superior quality polarized lenses, coated with anti-reflection coating hydrophobic oleophobic. Wherein p3plus lens also has high enriched performance (seen only highlights new technologies, craft gallery and ultra-limited edition). polarized authorized to use polarized lenses Ray-Ban, there are two kinds of resin and glass, including glass polarized lenses Polarized Ray-Ban is the exclusive buyout, in addition to other brands Ray-Ban sunglasses were no glass. Polarized sunglasses are a new type of goggles, the use made of the principle of polarization of light. It addition to blocking ultraviolet and blue light priority attenuation effect, but also has the replica ray bans function of a priority to eliminate reflected light. Therefore widely used in driving, fishing, computer work, skiing, tourism, etc., suitable for all outdoor activities. 1, which is made of a special material made of seven different, each lens having each function. 2, the polarization angle and curvature of the lens system is based on precision optical design principles.

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The wearer will never be like that scene imitation of distortion and giddy feeling 3, each lens has been factory hardening, scratch-resistant and easy to distort, broken. You can use the same performance durable safety! 4, production and quality materials eyeglass frame has professional design and producer, wear comfortable and durable. Can be used around the clock, day and block ultraviolet rays, the effect of night vision goggles and able to withstand the glare of car headlights, often necessary for a friend driving sunglasses, this lens technology is generally used for high-end products and limited edition commemorative section inside. ? Ray-Ban Light Adaptive lenses manufactured specifically for this purpose - to adapt to different lighting conditions, and make the appropriate adjustments. Quasi Chameleon technology makes possible such lenses darken in direct sunlight, indoors or in dim lighting brighter. A correct statement: Ray-Ban lenses are patented, imitation goods did not qualify for the lenses, lens genuine authentic piece of glass mixed use, with a flick of your finger to sink sound than glass, the glass will be very crisp! If the glass made of imitation goods, you discount ray ban can try out the look down the lens, imitation goods will make you hear the voice of heartbreak, the real thing is you can get up and continue the natural wear again. (On this point, I am skeptical that China's cottage industry level are well known, fragile and expensive refractory glass should have long been eliminated from the market of a) correct statement II: imitation Ray-Ban strengthen the glass in the wholesale market with a single to sell, has cut a good car into a frog-type side, printed Ray-Ban label and markings, as well to strengthen the glass must be cut in order to strengthen the side, one can not but strengthen after grinding, back to tighten the screws about can be installed, how you fall it will not rot, now has specialized imitation, of course, you want to test its optical properties, the glass impurities that are authentic Ray-Ban tablets immeasurably, but the color of sunglasses just cover up these flaws, without detection equipment accurate data is difficult to obtain.